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The world of blogging can seem like a massive place and whilst I do read and reply to every comment left here, it can be hard to have a conversation. So if you would like to get in touch and have a proper natter then please do: 

twitter: @poppys839
Instagram: poppy839 

I love receiving cute little emails and I such a little chatter box that I will happily talk about anything. All confidentiality maintained of course!

If you are a PR company that has happened to come across me, then I am open to collaborations and building relationships so feel free to contact me. I am mainly interested in beauty and am aiming to further direct this space in that direction in 2013. However, I'm not just after a freebie. If you think you have a project that may be of interest then feel free to get in touch using the above details.

 From February 2013, all items marked with an asterix (*) are items that have been gifted or sent from a PR company for consideration of a review. This will include items gifted at blogging events but will not include presents given by friends/family or give away prizes. This will not affect the integrity of any review and be assured that any opinion written is 100% honest.

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