About Poppy.


If you've made it to this place then you're probably interested in having a bit more of a nosey into my life- you cheeky little thing. Now I hate to dissapoint because I am just not the most interesting of people, I tend to talk to much, think too much and end up not leaving much time for the actual doing.

About Me.
I live in Cheltenham, a town in the cotswolds where not much happens but I love living here, it's intimate, cosy and spectacularly beautiful.  All of those with interesting city lives, yes I am very jealous but I am also happy with my peace and quiet. I work at a University and I study at a different one which means that I spend about 99% of my time sitting in front of a computer!
About lets drive far away.
 I started this blog because I was incredibily bored with my life and I felt that I had too many opinions that the people in my life didn't want to listen to anymore. Since I started my life has come on in leaps and bounds and is no longer quite as dull as it once was- perfect for making a more interesting blog! I mainly write about beauty or my life. but sometimes you'll get a long wordy post on the thoughts in my head. I hope that you're happy to listen to my ramblings because I would love you to stick around. 

About images.
All thoughts and opinions are my own, please do not copy or reproduce text without my permission. All images are my own unless stated, please do not use them without my permission.

About my header. 
I get so many compliments about my header, it was designed by the adorable Jaymie. She is a brilliant artist and a great girl. If you like my header then I suggest you go visit her blog by jaymie for more examples of headers she has designed as well as links to her jewellery shop and her contact information.  


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