Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 beauty favourites- Hair care

Following on from my 2013 favourite skin care and makeup favourites, I have the very last of last years favourites to share with you: hair care. I probably use more than most people use on their hair as mine is quite dry and coarse so it can take more product than a lot of people would find. I wash my hair every other day and in that cycle will use all of these products, I use little heat on my hair and naturally have quite unruly hair so it is vital that I find the right stuff to control it. Many of these have been favourites for a while and all of them are well tried and tested. 

Dry Shampoo is an absolute life saver for me, the obvious benefit of dry shampoo is the ability to refresh your hair when you don't have time to wash it, this comes in handy for many obvious reasons and makes festivals more bearable. On a day to day basis when I don't have to go without washing my hair, I still always use this as it is such a great texturising spray. It restyles my hair when i'm in a rush and when my hair is looking awful I tip my head upside down give it a blast and generally it looks much better. I have about 5 cans of Batiste and go through a bottle every few months, my favourite is the coconut. 

The Dream Curls range has been my favourite shampoo and conditioner for the last three years or so. I really like this range and it does an awful lot for my hair which is naturally curly, although I rarely wear it in proper curls opting for a messy wavy style instead. Although my hair is rarely in curls I find that this still really helps with styling my hair and definitely controls the fly aways. John Frieda is definitely my hairs best friend. 

My hair is dyed darker than it actually is, although I don't think that colour shampoos do a great deal in maintaining the colour of my hair- I do like to use this range once a week or so and the colour does always look great after using it. 

I do use other shampoos and conditioners in order to switch up my hair care but I do always have these two on the go. 

Hair oils always seem so controversial to me, as nobody ever seems to agree on their favourite oil. This year I have tried out quite a few, ironically one of the first that I tried that I disliked was an argan oil that wasn't made by Moroccan oil. Although some people disagree that they are any different, I really do think it extends beyond the price tag (as non branded is normally much cheaper) and Moroccan Oil has done wonders for my hair and I really like it. I use about three pumps on wet hair and then sometimes an extra one on dry hair and my hair has never felt better. 

Again, this is a curling product that I don't really use for it's curling abilities, I think this is an incredible styling cream that I always put into my hair and it creates lovely waves and texture. It really softens the look of my hair and it seems so good.

Does this keep my hair straight for three days? No, but it does keep my hair smoother for three days and helps lock in the moisture from the moroccan oil. I notice a massive difference when I use this spray and do find that it is easier to style when I use this. 

This is such an interesting product, it is a texturising cream with a mattifying effect and a bit of grit in it. It is the type of product that helps create that messy bed hair look that has been quite popular over the last few years. I like using a little bit of this in the roots and it creates some serious texture although it can easily be overdone so if you buy this, start of sparingly and gradually increase the amount you use. 

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Out Spray - £6.99
The last of the John Frieda products  and is my most recent find, I started using this about two months ago after using up a bumble and bumble spray very quickly and wanting a cheaper alternative. It is quite a good volume spray, I just put it into my roots as they tend to get weighed down by the rest of my hair. 

Sorry that was so John Frieda heavy, I think I like them because they are a little more affordable and I tend to go through hair products quite quickly. What were your favourite hair products of 2013? Is there anything that you are looking forward to trying out? 

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