Sunday, 4 August 2013

London Meetup & post ban haul

Group shot of the London Blogger Meet - Credit to Emma Meet The Millards for the picture.

As some of my readers will have seen, I spent about 10 weeks on a spending ban with the lovely Sasha Natasha and Rachel. We all did so well and not one of us caved in- something that I don't think any of us were expecting. As a reward to ourselves we all attended the London blogger meet up on the 27th July, hosted by Helen from Beautifully Superfluous. I didn't take any photos at the event as I was so busy having fun and chatting to all of the other girls who attended the event, it was so much fun and I got talking to so many great people, a massive thank you to Helen for arranging such a great day with wonderful goody bags at the end of it. I know that she worked really hard to create an amazing day and I had such a great time!

The day started at 6am for me, when I woke up following a dream that Sasha and I had missed our train to London, but luckily we both made it there in time for our 9am train. We then met up with Clair and Tasha at paddington and made our way over to Tiger Tiger for the event. On the way we picked up another group of girls and we made our way there. Helen was already there and was frantically trying to get set up, I don't envy the fact that they had to drive and park in central London and then have to get all the goody bags to the venue but they did a great job. More bloggers arrived and then every one was just mingling and chatting, the atmosphere was great and a lot of people were doing a great job at circulating- something that I am naff at! There was a representative from Paperself, applying lashes. I didn't have any as I have sensitive eyes but they looked incredible and I was quite jealous. Then after a couple of hours we all went shopping- Kat from Tales of a Pale Face took us all to Illamasqua and then from there we went to Liberty, & Other Stories, Boots and MAC- a nice hit of Londons finest beauty stores. The group got split up along the way and in the end Grace from All That Slap, Kat, Sasha, Tasha and I ended up going for Italian before Sasha and I got our train home. 

With Beauty Bird Sasha and Bags Bows and Boots Clair- credit to Sasha for the picture.
As it was a post ban shopping spree as well, I thought I would just show you the things that I bought, I had some serious buying guilt as it had been such a long time since I had bought anything but in hindsight I am really happy with everything that I bought.

I went a little nail varnish crazy in boots and picked up these:

Butter London- Trout Pout A gorgeous neon salmon 
Barry M- Sour Apple confetti little strips of blue and yellow to create a feather effect
Mavala- Racy Fuchsia A rich purple toned pink 
Barry M Neon Pink Limited edition A bright pink neon & currently free when you spend £6 on Barry M in Boots

I also bought the dolly mixtures confetti from Barry M but seem to have misplaced this temporarily. (it turned up in my handbag about 4 hours later) 

MAC 217 and 214 brushes
A naughty trip to the MAC pro store resulted in me adding to my already extensive brush collection. I had heard many great things about the 217 and the 214 so I took the slightly naughty plunge and bought them. So far I am getting on really well with them and have so many compliments over my eye makeup- the only thing I have changed is the tools! So I will do a full review on these when I have used them a little more. 

NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc
I have swatched this on the back on my hand many a time in the past and never felt the need to buy it, but in London I noticed that my foundation had slightly melted off when I was stood right by the NARS counter. So I quickly patch filled with the closest foundation to me- NARS Sheer Glow. I was amazed with how incredible the finish was so I very quickly bought it. I didn't even give the MUA chance to try and convince me I needed it, it was already mine. I've had comments on how good my skin looks since using it- full review to come once I have used it a bit longer. 

Here is a list of the other bloggers who attended, (Thank you Helen, I copied this straight from you.) 


Georgina - MAKEUP-PIXI3
Catherine - LUX LIFE
Christina - STYLE STOREY


  1. Great buys :) x

  2. wow how much fun! and that is such a great haul and really impressive it wasn't larger after a 10 week spending ban. I am actually now planning a trip TO london myself (!!!) and that will soon result in a spending ban so I can pick up lots of MUA and S&G while I'm here. And maybe some of this Barry M too :D What a fun meetup! Gorgeous girls!

    1. Haha, don't worry- we just didnt have too long to shop, i've since made a trip to boots and bought quite a bit- oops! Let me know what you buy when you go to London :) xx

    2. I wouldn't be in London until Christmas time, I actually live in Canada so it will be quite the trip! I am sure I will be picking up a TON. Lately I am coveting the S&G lipstick in Perfect Day, we don't get Soap and Glory makeup here so I bet I will be trying out quite a few products. I also want to try the sleek blushes :)

      I still think you did quite well! You can check out my blog for a recent unnecessary MUA haul (but they had free shipping...)

  3. That Butter London shade really is gorgeous. Think it will have to be mine one day! Plus you are so far selling the MAC brushes to me big time!xx

    1. It's lovely isn't it- I really think you would like the brushes, they are great quality & still really soft xxx


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