Saturday, 29 June 2013

photo update

 Friday afternoon chill | Camera flat on the table makes great photos | comedy dog
 Everything is better with facial hair | too many glasses of rose | America invasion 
 Someone is not a fan of their lead | Killers at Wembly | Much cuter when he's asleep
 I ran out of friends so I painted a new one | Colour is new, hair is old | Best Friend
 Why do bad things happen to me | he photobombed my belly shot | bumpy nails 
 Unfortunately this line is all about Freddie, what a little camera whore. 
 Buy this lipgloss | never too early for santa socks/didn't do the washing | green nails
 Always have time to chill with belly dawg | best perfume | This is why I am fat
The prettiest makeup | I do not have a nail varnish addiction | posing like a pro

You may have wondered where I am and what I am doing, after all I haven't blogged much this month which means that life must be really exciting right? wrong. This month has been pretty difficult and I'm not too sure why I have found it such a chore. So what is going on? 

Okay seeing as most of the photos are of him I think that I should give you a quick update. He is now coming up to 10 weeks and has doubled in size, he is still very much in the mouthing stage but will hopefully grow out of it soon. He likes chasing the cats, eating leaves, peeing on the carpet and sleeping... which are also all of my favourite hobbies. I'll do another little video of him in the next few weeks so that you can see how he is getting on.

Social life
is basically non existent, I have gone out about... once this month in a social context. I am in such a rut at the moment that I may as well just call myself a hermit and move on. It is really starting to get me down that I don't have close friends like I used to, but I am struggling with reconnecting to my friends. 

Love life 
nope, still hilariously non existent... moving on. 

Spending ban 
Is going strong with a few days to go, technically I have got through the hardest part because I've got through the pay days so now the money in my bank account is for the post ban period it's just getting through that. I'm thinking of extending it until the london meetup at the end of the month but I do have a few bits and bobs I want so I haven't quite made my mind up. 

And that is the low down, i've got ideas lined up for next months blog posts already so hopefully i'll be around a bit more- tell me what you've been up to and how do you deal with a bit of a life slump? 

Finally.... I just wanted to share a really sweet post with you which was written by Emily from Trial and Error Beauty Blog She sent me a lovely email to let me know that she wanted to feature me in an upcoming series which I thought was so nice. If you want to read it then click here and make sure you look at her blog as she is a great writer. 


  1. Don't be down about the social life stuff honey, we're meeting up tomorrow and will have a lovely day together. ^_^ Plus we have plenty of adventures to come after August.

    Chin up babe. <3

  2. the photos are wonderful :D I love your mint coloured nailpolish :D

  3. Freddie is so adorable!
    Sorry to hear about the social side of things, having lived away for so long I know how isolating that can be. Have yours moved away, or are things just not the same? I'm a bit worried about moving back as everyone has changed and moved on in life, but we shall see.
    We definitely need to plan that meet up we've talked about, I'll be in Cheltenham in August so key me know if you're up for a bit of shopping/eating/drinking!
    Mel xx

    1. Things haven't been the same but I think its just more a case of everyone growing up and doing their own thing more than anything else!

      Of course, i'm really looking forward to this :) we need to have a catch up with how you are anyway! xxx

  4. Freddie is so cute and he has grown so quickly! Love the nail varnish addiction and yay for doing so well on the spending ban xx

  5. I know what you mean about being in a rut. Mine is school-related and I'm not sure how and when it will be fixed, but I hope yours is sooner rather than later. Your photos are gorgeous and I love the new hair. Hopefully July is a better month!

  6. Freddie is totally adorable, but I have to admit the puppy stages can get you down from time to time :/ Chin up lovely, I think we all go through stages where we feel disconnected from friends/work/life in general. Give yourself some credit for the things you have done and get yourself out in that sunshine, it will help you get a bit of sparkle back in your life :) x

  7. This was so funny and relatable! Your blog is great. I really enjoy reading it! It seems that we both have very similar interests. Keep up the good work!


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