Sunday, 19 May 2013

250 followers giveaway


So I have something a little different for you today, earlier in the week I got to 250 GFC followers which completely made the week for me and I am so grateful to everyone who does follow me- for sticking with me. I'd say that blogging has definitely become my favourite thing and I have made some incredible friends because of it! I just wanted to give something back, I haven't done a giveaway before either so this is really exciting for me! 

The prize is: 
The Balm Nude'tude eyeshadow palette 
Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter 

Both are great products by great companies and I think we all know how much I love eyeshadow and lip balm! 


1. You need to follow  VIA GFC

2. You need to leave a comment on this post with the following information: 
  • What your GFC name is (I will check and if you don't follow, you won't count)
  • Your email address/ twitter handle so I can contact you if you win 
  • A funny story about yourself
This is open to UK entries only, I know that I do have overseas followers but I just want to keep it simple this time!

Simple as that, I will pick at random out of a hat (i'm so old school) at the end of the giveaway.

so make sure you comment to enter by then. 

If you're confused by any of that just tweet me @poppys839 and i'll try and help clarify. 

Is it wrong that i'm so excited by this? I have something else really exciting (in my opinion anyway!) coming this week as well. 


  1. Great giveaway hun, well done on the 250 followers.

    GFC - Beautyqueenuk
    Twitter - @beautyqueen_uk

    Funny story - I have a horrific phobia of false teeth, I am literally pertified of them. On route to work on Friday an old man who was sat opposite me, took his teeth out and started picking at them. I literally shook with fear and felt very sick and attempted to get off the bus asap, tripped over my handbag and almost fell on him and his teeth... everyone found it funny except me - mortified and petrified at once!

  2. Well done!

    GFC - LooweezBx
    Contact - @LooweezBx/

    This was a few years ago but I can't think of anything more recent, I have a memory like a sieve lol! I work at the weekends in a shop and Hallowe'en fell on a weekend on so we were encouraged to dress up. I dressed up as a leprechaun, hat and everything, but I actually ended up making lots of children cry!! Not very good for the customer service lol :(

  3. Ooh well done- very much deserved reaching 250 followers!
    my gfc name is Kaz
    twitter: @kaz_sunshine

    Funny story from yesterday- I went out for tea with my friend and she was running a bit late so I decided to grab us a table as the restaurant was really busy. I got asked by three different waiters if it was a table for one I was waiting for and if I was waiting for anyone else to join me. My friend thought it was absolutely hilarious that people automatically assumed I'd gone out for a meal for one on a Saturday night. Oh the shame.

  4. Congrats on the 250 followers spending ban buddy! My twitter is @shotofbeauty and email is GFC name is Natasha Devan.

    Funny story: when I was younger and went to swimming classes with the other children - they used to do this thing called the 'wet knicker trick' where they kept their cossies on and took their knickers off. For some reason I thought you kept thm on and they magically got dry, but of course they didn't and I spend the rest of the day with a soaking wet skirt on! Not cool! X

  5. Congrats! My gfc name is Rebecca Derbyshire and my twitter handle is @RDerbyshire93. I'm not sure what a funny story about myself would be but my dad once painted 'becky smells' in huge letters on the front of my house before they painted it and left it up there for my birthday party! So embarassing!! xxx

  6. Awwh congrats on 250 followers! Fingers crossed for me... one day!

    Is my GFC name ashtonlewsey? or sistersnottwins? I really don't know aaah I'm sorry I'm not sure how to find out! Haha I'm such an idiot!
    My twitter is @ashtonlewsey

    Errmm... a funny story. About five years ago for some reason I took part in an awkward pageant type thing! It was really embarrassing and all the girls were coming out with cheesey stuff about how modelling was their dream and Katie Price was their idol, and when they asked me why I decided to take part, infront of hundreds of people I said "I dunno, suppose it's something to do..?" expecting laughs, and the entire room went silent. Whoops! xx

    Ashton xoxox

    1. Hey Sweetie, your GFC name is Ashton Lewsley :) thank you for entering & personally I think that honesty is the best policy haha :) x

  7. Hiya, congratulations on 250 followers :D



    My funny story- Once I was on a German language conference and we were meeting in a small classroom where there weren't that many chairs and A LOT of students. I found a chair and turned around to sit on it, but as I did so another girl took my chair and I just sat straight down on the floor like a sack of spuds! :S I started laughing so much that I physically could not get up, and at first everyone thought that I had fainted! Oh, the embarrassment when I was forced to tell the real story! Plus naturally as well as the people from my school who I did know, there were about 25 people who I'd never met before who all witnessed my fail as well! Lets just say the day from that point onward was not as productive as I had hoped, as flashbacks kept coming back to me, and often still do to this day!

    1. at least, I think that is what my GFC name is, I'm not 100% sure though... sorry :s

  8. Haha that is hilarious and totally the kind of thing that would happen to me!! At least you made an impression..! Just checked and that is your GFC name :) xx

  9. Dang I'm not a UK resident. I do have a British passport though?! (very sneaky).
    Congrats on the bloggy milestone!


  10. I'm not entering this hun, just wanted to say congratulations on 250 followers and the giveaway looks awesome! Love that people need to write funny stories, I'll be reading the comments on this post to give me a giggle. :P

  11. GFC: Katie Marie
    Twitter: KatieLikesCats

    My story: When I was younger I used to play with buttons (!) and one time I had a big button, and a small button. Anyway, the small button had to escape from the big mean button, so hid in the big cave...which was my mouth. Anyway, I ended up swallowing a button and nearly choking!

  12. GFC: Roxy
    Twitter: Roxysmakeupbox

    Funny Story: I used to love watching Bernard's Watch (a show about a kid who had a pocket watch that stopped time) and one day, I found my fathers pocket watch. I thought that I too, had found a magic watch that stopped time and spent the entire afternoon playing in the local park when I was suppose to be in the house getting ready for a piano lesson. My parents looked everywhere for me until they found me and had to explain that Bernard's Watch wasn't real. oopsss

  13. GFC: Sam Hutchinson
    Twitter: @samlikesjam

    Aaaand a funny story... On my first day at primary school me and Mum set off to walk there and after a few minutes she realised I was clutching my crotch. She asked me if I needed to go to the toilet and I said 'No I'm holding my knickers up' - I'd never worn a skirt before and thought that you had to hold your knickers on because pants held them up for you!

  14. Congrats on the followers lovely! Following you on GFC and Twitter of course as Beauty Bird/@beauty__bird. My email is

    This was a few years ago but funny and so embarrassing! I washed some spare uniform for someone at work and left it in their office. Later on they came up to my desk with a pair of my underwear dangled on the end of a pencil. It was a bloke as well. They somehow found it's way into that pile of uniform and I can only thank god that they were clean!! Cringe!!!xx

  15. Congrats on 250 followers Poppy! And thankyou for the amazing giveaway :D

    GFC: Mollie Celine

    Last year my family and I headed off to Centre Parks as we usually do for a little break. This particular year we had a few more people so we took two cars, me and my brother in one and everyone else in the other. When me and Joe were driving along I saw a dead animal lying at the side of the road and as we got closer I could've sworn it was a kangaroo. Because my brother will pick any excuse to take the mickey out of me for being stupid, I didn't say anything. But about half an hour later, Joe just came out with "I think I saw a dead kangaroo earlier, but I didn't want to say anything in case you thought I was being stupid". We spent the next ten minutes in hysterical laughter, no one believed us when we arrived though! It was so funny!

  16. Congrats on the followers Poppy! Your blog is amazing!

    GFC: Jaye Rockett
    Twitter @bedinthekitchen / Email

    I went to an ice bar on holiday once, and I stupidly wore big strappy heels. I ended up having to go to hospital to be treated for frostbite on my toes! Not glamorous at all! Definitely didn't get my feet out at the pool for a while after!


  17. congrats! I follow via GFC as Megan Burrows and my email is Now for a funny story about myself, hmm...when I was younger me and my mum would play along to "who wants to be a millionaire" answering the questions etc, I thought that the money would be sent to me! very disappointed when I found out it wasn't :P x

  18. GFC: bagsbowsandboots or Clair Green can't remember what one its under :)
    My email is
    My twitter handle is @bagsbowsboots
    Funny Story: when I was a child I was quite a chunky little monkey and I always wanted to sit in the child's seat in the supermarket trolly, but my mum always said no because she was concerned that I would get stuck. So one day my Dad took me shopping and I tried my luck and asked him and he said yes. He squeezed me in and when the time came to get me out I was completely stuck. Dad went and bought a packet of butter to try and lubricate my legs but it didn't work so they had to call the fire brigade and they came a cut me out how mortifying. And to make it even worse Tesco charged my Dad £20 for the damage to the trolly. Lol

  19. I am Georgina Davies on gfc and on twitter i am xxgeexx2312
    my email is
    I'll keep up the child theme and tell you about my first ever trip to tesco (that i can remember) lol My dad took me and stood outside the loo waiting for me in the supermarket as i though i was big enough to go alone, well at home we have the normal cord pull light switch in the bathroom. I though supermarkets were the same so i walked in and pulled the disabled emergency cord lmao well a load of workers came running into the toilets and i can clearly remember me and my dad being ready to die of embarrassment!


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