Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Spring Tag- Spring 2013

1) What's your favourite spring nail polish?

Spring may just be the best time of year for nails, anything goes really. I love all the pastels around, but currently I am adoring corals and rich pinks. My absolute favourite shade is currently Essies- Cute as a button. 

2) What is your must have lip colour this spring?

This year I haven't really noticed a massive change in lip colour, I am in love with Illamasquas Immodest, but I also keep wearing MACs plumful which I wouldn't classify as spring. I have noticed alot of girls sticking with their berry shades which I am pleased with!

3) Show us your favourite Spring Dress?

This spring I just love all the little puffball prom dresses that are in the shops, I think that this with some little lace up boots and a denim jacket would look adorable- this one is from Miss Selfridge. 

4) What's your favourite Spring Flower?

I don't care how obvious an answer it is but please give me daffodils and let me make you a daisy chain. You have no idea how happy this would make me. 

5) What is your favourite Spring Scarf/Accessory?

Well I do think that items like a denim jacket are super cute for spring, I always like a long cotton scarf with skater dresses and I think a flower for your hair should be the law. 

6) What Spring Trend(s) are you most excited for this year? (makeup, fashion or both)

I must say that nail innovation has really floated my boat this spring with some incredible ideas that are coming out and i'm sure this will continue for the rest of the year. I never find spring fashion massively exciting as it is always pastel and floral... but I like both of these things so I will happily be taking part.

7) Favourite Spring Candle?

There is a yankee candle which is something like Sicilian Lemons which I really want, they also have a fresh cotton one- both of these just seem so fresh and springish that I want them both in my life... now. 

8) Favourite Body Spray/Perfume?

Marc Jacobs- Daisy Eau So Fresh, it smells like spring and hope and excitement to me. And I love daisies. 

9) What is Spring like where you live?

I always romanticise spring and think that it is this amazingly warm, fresh, time of year with little lambs and flowers. I actually live in the UK so it rains and hails and snows (!) so it never matches up to the expectation that I have of dancing in a field in a dress.

10) What is your favourite thing about Spring?

I would say finally getting to put away the coat, but I haven't done that yet.... here is hoping for next month. Other than that, I like that the nights get longer, people get more sociable and I generally feel more active and alive.

11) Are you a Spring Cleaner?

No, I think I might be a bit of a hoarder because I never throw anything away. I do like swapping all my clothes in my wardrobe over though, it always feels like a great achievement.

12) Any plan for a Spring Break or Upcoming Vacation?

Yes! I am off to Madrid for 5 days with my Mum which will be really nice. And i'm already planning next years spring break which is exciting.

How are you all enjoying spring? I tag you all to do this post too! 


  1. I love pastel nailpolishes too! They´re so pretty :)


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