Monday, 11 March 2013

Review MAC Satin Lipstick in Mocha

image of lipstick packging 
close up of lipstick colour 
close up of bullet 
mocha swatched on back of hand
Mac Mocha swatched on lips
photo of face featuring the lipstick

 Mocha- £14.00

Mocha is sort of my unloved MAC lipstick, when I have it on my face I like it- but in the bullet i'm never too keen and I don't ever tend to reach for it.

It's a warm terracota shade with a satin sheer finish, it has a burnt red undertone and is fairly matte, it isn't particularly long wearing and can be build for a sheer wash to a deep colour.

I tend to wear this when I am feeling fairly autumnal, with my hair tied up and a giant jumper. It works for an every day casual look but I just don't think that it is me. As much as I hate to slate MAC, I wish I hadn't bothered buying this shade.

I think that it would work better on though with olive toned skin.

Would you reach for this shade?


  1. I would never ever pick up this lipstick by looking at the bullet, it looks so scary! Looks gorgeous on you though, really suits you! xx

    Jaye |

    1. I know, I just happened to be having a mac swatch fest and this one looked really pretty on my hand- its nice to find a hidden treasure- but the shade in the bullet can be offputting x

  2. I don't think that this would quite suit my skin tone. But it does look nice on you!

  3. This looks lovely on you!

    I could never pull this off, I'm jealous!


    1. It actually is quite workable- give it a swatch next time youre in MAC x

  4. I wouldn't pick this out but after seeing how nice it looks on you I would definitely reconsider

    1. Looking at your skin tone, I think it would suit you :) x


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