Thursday, 14 March 2013

I really hope that we stay friends!

As you're all probably aware, google are on their way to scrapping google reader, this was a bit of a surprise... but not really all that surprising as everything seems to be going to make way for google +.
As a result there is a massive concern that GFC may go as well.

It'll be really sad to see GFC go, I have some followers that I sincerely care about and would hate to lose... so I joined the masses today & imported all of my blogs into bloglovin, so if I follow you now... i'm still following you! 

If you want to follow my via bloglovin you can either click on the bloglovin button to the right or simply click here.
You can follow my twitter: @poppys839 
Or Instagram: @poppy839

More than anything I urge you to follow suit and back up the blogs you like to read via bloglovin. We may lose GFC and we may not but it never hurts to be prepared. We all work so hard on our blogs that it would be such a shame to lose our connections.

Please leave links in the comments as well.

Much love and kisses to you all (I feel like I need to hug you all forever now) 

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