Sunday, 24 February 2013

Recently in Instagram- February 2013.

Firefly drinks are delicious | new makeup storage | veggie pizza from pizza hut is too good.
Doodling on my nails with eyeliner | worst dieter ever | cosy cardigan from Topshop
Carrying around dollars | jumping on the imadeface bandwagon | my gorgeous cambridge satchel
Celebrating the superbowl
My gorgeous Cat posing | and not so gorgeous me posing in new clothes | Payday boots haul
Such a beautiful campus | contents of the goodie bag from the bb_meet | a glass of vino before bed
Best Valentines Day card ever | new profile photo | Archies Girls haul

Now that it is nearly March, I am turning my back on Winter and all winterish things- so snow flurries bog off. The spring wardrobe is coming out and hopefully the sun will too. This year i'm feeling a strong love towards pastel shades for clothing and nails. Makeup wise I think i'll be ditching the eyeliner and going for it with the bronzer really quickly. I'm also going to have to revamp the diet because the extra weight still hasn't shifted and if I want to get the body out on the beach this year then I need to get cracking.

February was incredible, I had some really great roadtrips and met up with friends and made some new ones too! It can't get much better than that can it? I'm going to be all coy and leave it at that as I have a really special post to do in the next couple of days, which will give more insight into my weekend.

If you don't already have me on instagram and want to add me, me username is poppy839. What is yours?


  1. Haha fab Valentines Day card!! xx

  2. never tried firefly drinks before.x

  3. i've nominated you for the leibster award! - xox

  4. i love your cambridge satchel, so jealous! that valentines day card is hilarious, i love it!xx

  5. haha I adore boots hauls too!
    and uhoh you support the ravens... we cant be friends anymore... only joking love you but I LOVE YOU 9ERSSSSSS!


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