Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Resolutions

New Years is such an exciting time, rarely do we know what lies ahead and even if we are certain you never know what curveballs are heading your way. It's a fresh start, it's saying that the door is closed and the slate is wiped clean and that you are ready to start again with a fresh perspective and attitude. It's pretty idealistic and rarely do we actually get to forget the woes from the previous year and soon we settle into old routines, feeling let down by the new year and feeling like life will never change. 

I feel like I have a better position this year though. In the new year i'm starting a new job with a whole relm of posibilities to explore. For a while i've been in a temp job and the uncertainty for the future has made me reluctant for big life decisions so instead I have been mentally planning things that I could do if my situation allowed it. So I have decided that 2013 really will be my year. I'm going to work really hard to acheive my new years resolutions. This year I feel like the slate is genuinely wiped clean, ready for me to make my mark. 

So here goes: 
  • Get up a bit earlier. At the moment I get up about 20 mins before I need to leave and hate myself for it every day. 
  • Move out of my Mums house. 
  • Start using my gym membership again, I used it so much over the summer and then just stopped.
  • Keep an accurate record of what I spend. 
  • I have set a saving goal but I won't publish it- I think thats a bit tacky. 
  • Blog on a regular basis. 
  • Similarly, I have a goal in mind but I won't publish it. 
  • Keep up to date with Uni work and put in 100%
  • I'm planning holidays with two of my closest friends, I want these plans to happen. 
  • My family is planning a big trip to Florida in early 2014. I will need to set money aside for this.
  • Read 30 books (this is something I could do with ease but I have struggled to find time to read this year, i'm setting it low by my standards so that I don't feel pressured). 
 Do you have any new years resolutions? Do you believe in starting over at New Year, or would you rather face change as it happens rather than fit it into a time frame?


  1. I'm feeling the same this year, good luck! xx

  2. Good luck with your new job! Sounds like you have some wonderful plans for the new year. x

  3. Sounds like some good resolutions! I aim to get high marks in all my modules at uni. Get a graduate job and do a bit of travelling. I feel that 2013 will be an awesome year!!

    Good luck in your new job :)

    1. thanks babe!! i'm sure you'll do great you're a right little clever clogs :) xx

  4. Good luck with all your resolutions, Happy New Year! :) xo


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