Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Impress press on manicure.

Impress Press On Manicure- what can I say? I am not impressed.

Reasons why they are good:
  • The concept is a good one, instead of faffing around with fiddly bottles of glue, each nail has it's own sticky pad that you simply press on & it sticks. 
  • Nice patterns

Reasons why they are rubbish:
  •  The sticky pads are covered with plastic- these are incredibily hard to remove after most of your nails are on. 
  • The nails ARE numbered, but the numbers are that hard to locate that I only realised after I had stuck most of them down. I then realised I had not even remotely matched them correctly & had very uneven hands. 
  • The nails are a dodgy shape and did not fit nicely onto the nail. 
  • Two hours after application one had dropped off, 48 hours later they had all fallen off. 
  • The pretty pattern chips off easier than nail polish. 
  • Expensive 
All in all, I was very dissapointed. I assumed that their 'lasts up to a week' claim meant that they would stick fairly tight but they really have not. I won't buy them again and I would advise you not to either.


  1. I'd heard such great things about these on various YouTube videos, it's a shame you didn't get on with them! :( xo

  2. At first I thought these looked really nice, on further reading what a shame! I'm not too big a fan of stick on nails anyway.


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