Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant- 38.50 for 75g

Dermalogica is a brand that I quite like, their slightly clinical packaging and tip top repuation really makes me trust them to look after my skin. Time and time again I have invested in their products and been outstounded by their quality and ease of use. I have never found a daily exfoliator that works on a daily basis, as strange as that may sound. I have sensitive skin which does not like having grains rubbed into it on a daily basis. Therefore I have always relied on a heavy duty weekly scrub and a toner to get rid of any dead skins and ignored the world of daily exfoliators- disregarding them as being too harsh for my sensitive souled skin.

I received Daily Microfoliant in Novembers Glossybox. I was pleased to receive a product from a brand that I love, yet I did not expect to use it as per instruction. However I have used it daily for the last ten days or so and have been impressed by it's gentle yet effective nature. The product is made from rice grains and comes in a powder form. You simple shake 'half a teaspoon' into wet hands and them form a creamy paste before applying it to your face. I come from the Jamie Oliver school of measuring and there have been no teaspoons near me when I clean my face. So I just shake it until I think there is enough there. Little Miss Know It All syndrome strikes again- and judging by their video I have only been using about a quarter of what they reccomend!

I really like the fact that it is a powder. It means that the bottle doesn't get messy, the product won't dry out and it feels like you're getting more product for your money. I also feel like the freshness is preserved in powder form. As there are enzymes, rice particles and other good sounding ingredients- I almost feel like I am kickstarting them into action, getting that important buzz of the ingredients and really doing my skin some good.

The experience of rubbing it onto your face is very pleasurable. The microfoliant particles are very tiny and rather than feeling rough and grainy, it feels creamy with just a hint of a buffing factor to it. For this reason I really enjoy massaging this in. It also smells like rice, a nice bland smell which is neither good nor bad, it just adds to the experience. It is important to rinse it off and then follow with a moisturiser as my skin feels quite tight afterwards. Followed with moisturiser (I am currently using Philosophy- Hope In a Jar) my skin feels devine.

All in all, I am extremely happy with this product and will definitely buy the full sized product when I have finished up this small bottle and I would encourage anyone with sensitive, slightly dry, skin to follow suit and give this a try.

Lots of Love,

Ps- I seem to have run out of space in my picasa album linked to this blog! I have to admit, I wasn't even aware that I had a storage limit- oops. Has anyone encounted this problem and found a free way to get around it? I'm far to tight to spend a couple of quid on storage a month if I don't have to.

Monday, 12 November 2012

I was not born a beauty.

At school, you have so many different types of girls. To quote Mean Girls: 'You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, J.V. jocks, Asian nerds, Cool Asians, Varsity jocks Unfriendly black hotties, Girls who eat their feelings, Girls who don't eat anything, Desperate wannabes, Burnouts, Sexually active band geeks, The greatest people you will ever meet and the worst'. And we all already know that school was a bit of a battle ground. 

I was quite shy. People never seem to believe this when they meet me, as I tend accidently chat none stop & impress my opinion rather strongly onto other people. But I really was quite shy at school. I disliked our school 'plastics' the girls who would literally plaster on their orange foundation and thick black eye liner with a trowel (incidently about 95% of these girls had babies when they were 16-18). I definitely wasn't one of them. I just wasn't a makeup girl. I didn't want to get up super early to layer up mascara and apply foundation on to my lips, something which I still don't understand, do they not want to look like they have a mouth?!

Instead, I woke up ten minutes before I was due to leave, wore lip balm and maybe a coat of mascara, if I could be bothered. Now, some things never change & I still get up about ten minutes before I am due to leave the house... which I get occasionally teased about in the office. But now in the mornings I frantically swear under my breath and try and put my face on in record time (or you know... am 5 minutes late). 

Something changed when I was about 18 and all of a sudden I became mystified by makeup, I wanted to test and trial and see what I could explore. My first 'expensive' makeup was a tube of Bourjois foundation. It had a brush on the top and you had to click the foundation through the brush. I never washed that brush either. It was so clogged with foundation it was solid, but I adored it. I stayed with this more bargainous choice for a while (although at the time I really did think it was the height of expense. I think if I discovered the luxury items back then, I would have had a heart attack at the price). I once bought a tube of green concealer, to balance out my rosy cheeks, I got a bit carried away and always covered my entire face in it under foundation.It just did not suit me, I had the slight green tinge of someone about to be horrifically sea sick and it just drained me. I had awful pale face, went through the tube in about 3 weeks, got some horrific spots and realised I looked like a poorly ghost. I didn't repurchase.

 Unbeknown to me, there was a whole world to discover that I was yet to expore. 

This time 3 years ago I was a 'one of some things none of others' kind of girl. one mascara, one foundation, one eyeshadow pallette, no blusher, no delicate power for my eyebrows, no setting power. But slowly I began to learn... I began to look past pretty packaging and slogans & I started looking for reviews, key ingredients and samples. Very quickly I learnt a great lot. I've bought some duds along the way (benefit that gal- i'm looking at you) and accidently discovered some incredible items (urban decay supercurl mascara, never leave me) there are some things that I have discovered as a result of some serious blogging hype (real techniques brushes... does anyone not have them?!).  Every purchase has been an adventure. 

It came to a head in the spring. After collecting key items and expensive bits for about 18 months, I boarded a plane to America. I was in a fairly maudlin mood anyway due to several factors and I decided I needed a treat. I blew $350 in Sephora. It was a beautiful, beautiful moment.

I have been called an 'airhead' for being interested in makeup. I have been told that I waste my money on 'crap'. I have had people look at me with disbelief when I tell them my blusher palette cost 40 quid. I have had close friends from school say to me: 'but why?! you never used to be interested in this! you've changed Poppy'. 

I have changed, they're right. I wash my brushes now. I have more money as a result of not being at school and being at work. I have more knowledge to apply to what I buy and I am no longer wasting money on products that do not work, or do not suit me. Maybe my habit of spending 100-250 a month on makeup will die out again but until then I endevour to surround myself with glorious soft brushes, silky powders and thick creams. To revel in a hobby that I never actually knew existed & to try and help others source products that they appreciate (and to keep the brownie guide law). 

Or maybe I'm just a typical girl who likes to spoil herself and is completely suckered in by the compliments you get from the MUA and the little paper bags filled with goodies they send you away with? Who knows. Lets just enjoy the ride and keep buying all the 'crap'.

Maybe next time i'll be one of the sexually active band geeks. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Impress press on manicure.

Impress Press On Manicure- what can I say? I am not impressed.

Reasons why they are good:
  • The concept is a good one, instead of faffing around with fiddly bottles of glue, each nail has it's own sticky pad that you simply press on & it sticks. 
  • Nice patterns

Reasons why they are rubbish:
  •  The sticky pads are covered with plastic- these are incredibily hard to remove after most of your nails are on. 
  • The nails ARE numbered, but the numbers are that hard to locate that I only realised after I had stuck most of them down. I then realised I had not even remotely matched them correctly & had very uneven hands. 
  • The nails are a dodgy shape and did not fit nicely onto the nail. 
  • Two hours after application one had dropped off, 48 hours later they had all fallen off. 
  • The pretty pattern chips off easier than nail polish. 
  • Expensive 
All in all, I was very dissapointed. I assumed that their 'lasts up to a week' claim meant that they would stick fairly tight but they really have not. I won't buy them again and I would advise you not to either.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Home could be anywhere.

I maintain that I could be anywhere in the world and be happy. I've travelled- for a while I lived in the States, I was born in Cyprus and have visited a multitude of countries. I've falled in love with Florence, Paris, Barcelona, Toronto, New York, Washington DC, Chicago and Miami. I have no problem with solo trans atlantic flights and plan on spreading my wings far and wide for as long as possible.

 My heart, however, firmly belongs on my home turf. I have had a solid base in Cheltenham since I was 3 and wherever in the world i've been- I've always treasured my quiet cotswolds town. 

We have this perfect blend of urban mini town (we have the best New Look) mixed with posh boutiques and rolling countryside that makes me melt every time. We get the best of everything & it's brilliant to escape the hustle and bustle and just go sit on top of a hill and chill for a while. all in a 5 mile radius. Where else in the world could I leave my car on the main road all day with the door unlocked and a 160GB iPod on the front seat. We are the definition of 'Safe Town'.

This month hasn't been easy, there has been heart break, rough times and it just simply has not been easy. As always, the comfort of home has been there and its duvet soft embrace has kept me afloat. Thank you Cheltenham for being there for me and giving me warm coffee shops to ponder my thoughts in.

 Thats all I have this home girl has to say. Tell me about your home town and how you find security inside of it.

Until next time....