Monday, 8 October 2012

Success- a mission to complete.

Sourced from Tumblr.

 One thing that is really awful at the moment is the sheer amount of unemployed, clever people that this country has to offer. Our generation was heavily hit by the recession, migration,experienced workers returning to the market following redundancy, the battle between experience and degrees and standards for entry level jobs rising. The question is put forward time and time again 'you need experience to get a job, you can't get the experience without getting a job... so what the hell do we do?'. You either go into work at 18 and try your damnest to get a job in order to get the experience whilst those in your year are studying. Or you go for a degree and come out of it with some bar work as experience but generally not much else. 

It is fucking tough to get a decent job, but it is do-able. 
  • Create your own luck. 
  • believe in yourself like noone could ever imagine.
  • Smile! A positive attitude goes such a long way. 
  • Be patient.
  • Be brave and get your face out there.
  • Go out into the big bad world on your own.
  • Take the time to sit and map out the steps to get where you want to be. 
  • Always have the next move in life planned. 
  • Be strategic- always bare in mind the bigger picture.
  • Remember everyone starts at the bottom.
  • Treat every job (EVERY job) as if it was your dream job.
  • Ensure to collect references from previous employers (even work experience).
  • Don't expect anyone to hold your hand, or hand you life on a plate. 
  • Don't go into the world expecting everyone to be against you either. 
  • Take every opportunity, temporary or voluntary work is essential.
  • Be proud of how far you've come. 
  • Never downplay a previous job. So many essential skills are learnt in minimum wage jobs. 
  • Research, research, research. Always know as much as you can about every company you talk to- you never know what they will ask you.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for an interview. 
  • Think about where your interests and skills lie- then go for any job that is even remotely linked to it. 
  • Take advantage on the services provided for young people (be it through graduate schemes or advice companies).
  • if you are still studying, your university can help you find work placements that will give you the edge over the rest.
  • Constantly review and rewrite your CV. Every bit of experience could be the vital difference. 
 I have come really far in the last year, but if you ask me how I did it, I would probably look at you blankly 'er... it just sort of happened'. Well it didn't just sort of happen, I've worked really fucking hard. I believe that our generation can succeed, we are clever and we are privelaged- so lets get out there and lets make our mark. 


  1. Great inspirational post Poppy, I'm in my final year of uni at the moment and starting to look at applying for graduate schemes but it all looks so daunting!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

    1. They may look it, but I promise that they are actually simple and a lot of fun, good luck in your final year sweet x

  2. Really great post! I was meant to be studying for a four year long degree but I actually dropped out before term started so now I'm on the job hunt! One failed interview, and another one in a week's time - definitely need to sell yourself or else is what I've learned so far x

    1. GOOD LUCK on your interview :). Don't let the failed one put you off, chances were that someone else just wowed them & it wasn't anthing to do with you! be prepared and I'm sure you'll do great xxx


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