Friday, 10 August 2012

product inventory: operation use stuff up.

So today I was sat at work on my break working out where my money had gone this month. It was blatenly obvious i'd spent a little too much on beauty (210GBP..!). This seemed like an awful lot of my pay, so I posted about it on Twitter (@poppy839). I got talking to the lovely Rachel from Live.Food.Love. She has recently decided to try and use up products she already has and I think i'm also going to be brave and do the same. 

My problem is that I fall in love very quickly with products, I usually spend around 26 per product, I adore it for a few weeks and then I find something new to adore. Some of these expensive times have only been swatched... some never even used. The problem is, it it loses it's spot in the adoration queue, it gets forgotten about forever. 

So I got home at 4 today and since then I have been wading through mountains of potions and lotions and here is what I have. 

  Moisturiser (annoyed as I left three at work as well!) 

Skin Care

  Hair Products

 Nail Varnish

 Base of my face- primers concealers foundations

 Finishing touches- Highlighters, setting powders, blushers, bronzers.

 Eye makeup

Lipcare- Lipsticks, balms, tints, scrubs, glosses

The Lot.

That was a lot of hard work and I didn't even go into the bathroom to see what belongs to me in there. There is alot of half empty products and things I had completely forgotten about so my mission is to use some of this shit up. And then I can buy more. Logic. 

Are you a hoarder too? What is your favourite items? 



  1. I've got major product envy right about now... :) Thanks for the linky! xo

    1. Come take some off my hands!!!!!! Xo

  2. Now that is an impressive stash!!
    I tend to hoard skincare products, I just keep picking them up!! Trying to ban myself from buying anything else until I've used up at least 2 products! (:

  3. WOW!!! That is what my stash looked like a while back (and add to that the fact that i used to work for clarins = tonnes of free stuff) and it is slowly getting better, chipping away bit by bit!!! Hang in there!!!


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