Tuesday, 14 August 2012

oh my gosh it's a glossy box [August 2012]

 Another month, another glossy box. Is it wrong to say that the highlight of my month is when they arrive at my door? Because it is. This months box is "international superstars" and is a selection of beauty products with cult like status around the world. Exciting. I also think that the global theme is a result of the olympics. (Which I am already missing, sob!)

 And here is what I got!

Lipcote (GB)- okay so i've heard good things about lipcote, but have never used it. No real reason, just never picked it up. So getting it in the box was exciting. I trialed it instantly and I have to say at the moment i'm not it's biggest fan, It stings like an absolute mother fucker and it tastes like Vodka. Yes my lipstick is still in place, but is that the be all and end all? 
Repurchase: Nah, I'd say my hatred for Voddy will put me off ever finishing this sample, let alone buy more. 
RRP: 3.99

Eves Balm (all for Eve)- So I had never heard of this brand before so I did a quick internet search, it turns out that the purpose of the brand is funding and awareness for gynological cancer. What a brilliant cause. The product itself is a chapped skin balm, it smells lavendery but is not overpowering. The texture is what youd expect, slightly greasy and very light- it melts in to the skin. 
Repurchase: I'm sure I will rely on this in winter as it seems very nourishing, would buy again!
RRP: 4.95

L'ombre a Paupiere Margarita (Spain)- So this is an eyeshadow pallete with 10 shades in. I don't really get what is so special about this, the plastic case is a bit naff, the mirror inside is a bit naff, I hate sponge applicators and I don't really think I need 4 shades of green. I tend to stick to my naked pallete (UD) for eyeshadow and this really isn't tempting me away. I'll trial it tonight, maybe it'll be incredible. If not, I'm sure my sis will like it
Repurchase: No. 
RRP: 3.85

DHC deep cleansing oil (Japan)- This is a facial oil cleanser, something that I normally avoid as I can't stand being a slimey mess so I was planning on donating it to my mum. However I tested it and it is the most incredible thing ever, I had full makeup on and a few drops has completely cleaned my face. I had eyeliner and mascara and eyebrows yet I didn't end up with horrific panda eyes, it really did just dissolve the makeup. 
Repurchase: It's pricey, so I will see how quickly the sample lasts- but I probably will!
RRP: 18.50

Allessandro Pro White (Germany)- Someone is going to have to explain this to me, is it a top coat base coast or intended to be worn aone? A quick google search didn't throw up what to do with it!!
Repurchase: I don't know. I don't even understand it. 
RRP: 7.95 (it has to do something for that price right?!) 

Lipstick in Glossy pink (Glossybox)-So the picture on the leaflet is very pale pink, so I got a surprise when I opened it up and it is actually quite rich and heavy, it has blue under tones, something my cool skin appreciates and glides on like a dream. Spectacular colour and staying power, winner. 
Repurchase: Probably, I'm happy to have a full sized stick to play with for now. 
RRP: 9.50. 

Some great products, one I really dislike, one that smells awful and one I don't understand. 



  1. Great review! I personally love Lipcote but it does hurt!

    1. thankyou :) I tried it again today and it wasn't the same pain as last night- maybe cause i was expecting it. I will perservere :)


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