Thursday, 16 August 2012

Instagram #3

Another week in instagram. 
[1]Nat and I at las iguanas August Glossy Box Grapefruit omnomnom a favey necklace of mine
[2]New Cath Kidston iPhone case- feeling british Brit themed flower beds Rain in August? Madness Rimmel lipstick in 175 Pink Punch
[3] Feeling Pretty A healthy shop! my writing is getting worse every day Mini condiments literally made my day
[4] Mile 66666 was a scary one! onion baji enjoying the closing ceremony, I got my spice hair on Abercrombie and Fitch jumper- present off my Dad. 
[5] New Playsuit from Primark Fucking love friday at work Olympics have made me very British I always put my makeup on like this. 

 I can't say that this week has been particularly thrilling. Beside the opening ceremony and one essay, i've done nothing. Mainly because I've been feeling really pressurised recently and something has got to give. I haven't been sleeping, been falling behind with uni work & have been exhausted in my new job. Sometimes I feel like I do spread myself too thin & I am so eager to do everything for everyone that I am left really unsatisfied. So this week I've tried to take a step back and not be slave girl to the entire world and I have felt myself starting to relax a little bit. This needs to continue, I need to take evenings where I lock my phone and laptop away and just chill out. 

  • My Dad moved back to the UK after three years away.
  • They bought me an abercrombie jumper and nars blusher as presents 
  • My contract at work got extended! 
  • My assignment got handed in
  • I haven't been sleeping much, my mum thought she saw a ghost last night & i'm the biggest wimp so I couldn't sleep! 
Goals for next week
  • I have a really exciting week planned. Going to the spa with my mum, then Reading festival next weekend
  • I also have an assignment due in super soon that I should really start. 
I would also really like to get this blog off the ground, the last few months I've really enjoyed blogging and connected with some great bloggers. I want to tidy mine up, add in some links at the top and make it a bit more user friendly. But my HTML skills are beyond basic, so if anyone can help and wants to- please give me a shout!

How has your week been? What have been your highlights and lowlights? 



  1. Have a great time at the festival! and at the spa :) Love your cath kidston case too, it's SO cute :)

    Love, Rachel

  2. I will readily admit my addiction to Instagram. It's a problem, really.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I nominated you for the Liebsters Blog Awards! :) xx


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