Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How much it costs to be my face for a day.

So everyone and their gay brother seems to have jumped on the 'how much is your face worth?' virtual band wagon. So apologies that i'm diving into it it too. Feel free to roll your eyes and walk through the virtual door slamming it firmly closed behind you (I'll miss you though!) 

Right, So we all know I have a few spending issues and that I have desperately been trying to cut down on products (the 84 pound order from says differently) so who knows, maybe this will shock me into not buying any more. 

This was my face today, my face changes on a regular basis but some products are well loved favourites, orgasm/laguna duo i'm looking at you.

Real Techniques Core Collection: 20.99
Real Techniques Stippling Brush: 10.99
Real Techniques Powder Brush: 10.99
Illamasqua Blending Brush: 24.99
Benefit Browzings: 22.50
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in brown: 7.99
Clinque Bottom Lash mascara: 11.00
Urban Decay Super Curl mascara: 15.00
Urban Decay Naked Pallette: 36.00
Urban Decay primer in sin: 14.50
Benefit Watts Up! highlighter: 24.50
Urban Decay 24/7 setting spray: 19.00
Pixi Dust: 10.00
Illamasqua Loose Powder in translucent: 23.00
Nars Blush/Bronze in Orgasm/Laguna: 30.00
Illamasqua Skin Base in shade 8: 27.00
Benefit Dandelion powder: 23.50
Bare Minerals Prime Time: 19.00
Benefit Lipstick in pillow talk: 14.00
Lipcote: 3.69
Benefit Erase Paste: 19.50

Total: 388.14

Fuck me, I never need to buy any more makeup. 

So I dip in and out of nearly 400 pounds worth of products in a day. eep. I'm trying not to feel too bad, but this is a bit insane- I have a super generous step mum & have bought alot of this in the states where everything is cheaper... no. still not justifying. 

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  1. Wow. This tag really does put things into perspective! You never really see how much money you spend on makeup... Nice post though :)! x

    1. eek, I know! this morning I was very aware of how much the products that I was putting on my face cost! xx

  2. Wow this is crazy! I'd be surprised if mine cost £50 haha!

    1. arg, I know its scary isn't it! I used to be a one foundation/one mascara kind of girl and not bother with the res tof it! I don't even think I look that different than those days either xxxx

    2. oh lord, I use a lot of the same things :( it's scary!

  3. wow that is alot!! some fantastic bits of make up there though so worth every penny :-)

    I have only just started spending money on make up so mine is not as high, but im sure it will be soon lol, enlightening post. I will enjoy following you as i just came across your blog :-)

    1. it is definitely worth it just because it makes me happy haha!

      Thank you for following sweet, and for helping to justify my crazy spending :)


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