Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rihanna Hair

Top- New Look 
Shorts- Asos
Hair- My Own 

This morning I was sat watching youtube videos, a sunday morning must, I got around to Rihanna ft Calvin Harris- We found Love. There is a few shots of her with her hair all piled up and with a bandana (see here). I took one look at my messy mop and decided that was what I was going to go for today. 
Rihannas curls are quite "fake", the kind that you know aren't real... But my hair has a life on it's own so I didn't want to straighten out the natural curls! Therefore it isn't a replica, just inspired by (or maybe i'm just saying that, you'll never know). 

It was really easy to do, I just pinned it all untill it was all on top of my head and then styled it around my hair band. If you want a step by step, I can do one :) 
What do you think, did I manage to capture her or do I look like a crazy lady with too many curls? 



  1. Wow, you look amazing! Your room is adorable too :) x

    1. thankyou lovely!
      I love that room, we've just redone it- it gets the best light xo

  2. Oh definitely do a step-by-step please, this looks beautiful!

    1. just for you, I will :)
      gimme a few days for my hair to get messy & then watch this space..!

  3. Your hair looks great! You're so lucky that you have naturally curly hair (... Unlike mine which can't make it's mind up if it's curly or straight)!
    You have pretty wallpaper too!

    1. thank you gorgeous girly- you have great hair :)
      mine gets on my nerves cause it's such a mess all the time!

      love ya x


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