Sunday, 22 July 2012

Paul Mitchell Leave In Conditioner

Paul Mitchell Leave in conditioner- 17.99 (for full size-500ml.)

I recieved this product in my June Glossybox, it is a 100ml version- a fairly generous sample. I wasn't a fan at first, In general I prefer my leave in conditioners to come in spray form as I find that gel based formulas can sit quite heavy in the hair and I was very aware of this when I discovered it in my box. 

 However I can leave these fears in the past. This lightweight formula simply melts into the hair and isn't remotely greasy. It smells incredible- i would describe it as "fresh" and smells vaguely foresty. The gel is non sticky so there is no need to wash hands after application (something that would have put me off- I'm far too lazy to walk to the sink!!). 

I have very flyaway hair, quite frankly it is completely uncontrolable and the bain of my life. Whilst it isn't a miracle fixer, it definitely helps reduce the frizz and along side Argan Oil helps to turn it into something a little more manageble. 

The downside for me, is that it doesn't work very well in dry hair. I tend to get very crispy ends, and to extend the time in between washes I often apply oil or spray in conditioners to keep it looking moisturised- something which this product can't be used for. 

I will definitely purchase the full size of this, my locks love it! I would be interested to try some of their other products as well. 

Do any of my lovely followers use Paul Mitchell? Do you have any other recommendations from their range? 
If you have tried this leave in conditioner, what were your impressions of it? 

Ps- I made myself a new twitter, after discovering my outdated one was full of bands I don't listen to and people I don't talk to. If you are a tweeter you can find me @poppy839. 

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  1. I've never tried any Paul Mitchell, but i've heard such fabulous results.

    Absolutely love this post and your blog.



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