Tuesday, 24 July 2012

oh my gosh, it's Glossybox


So, this is no new product in the blogsphere for good reason. Glossybox works on the premise that that girls will pay for samples- like most bloggers I want to try new procuts to eventually review them. For just 15.99 a month, you get five luxury products delivered to your door. 

Moisture Mist- full size 7.99.
It's like they read my mind, I was only complaining on my review here that I couldnt user the leave in conditioner on dry here. Well here is my miracle end reviver. Apparently it is also for skin- I will trial it this week and report back!

Nuxe oil- 23.50 full size (price quoted from feelunique)
Hair oil, skin oil.. cute! my hair and skin adores argan oil so it will be interesting to see if it has the same feelings for this!

Elizabeth Arden- Multitude of samples
This one i'm least excited about. it's a bit magaziney for glossybox- but as I recieved 5 other samples- the average- then I feel this is possibly a little extra?

Bex- W1X perfume(full size 81.00)
So this is a fairly rich, floral perfume. It is heavy and musky and absolutely glorious. It is described as androgenous and this slightly masculine take on a floral smell is revolutionary. I absolutely adore it. The full size is a little out of my price range so I'm going to make the most of the sample! 

Monu eye gel- 16.95 
This is interesting, a gel for the morning to help reduce puffiness... well every little helps! I'll give it a trial go and then review! 

Jelly Pong Pong- 10.00 
from I what I can see the sample size is full sized which is very generous (but I could be wrong- if I am drop me a comment and i'll edit accordingly!). It's beautiful, I love it. It has a lovely smell and a lovely sheen, I'm going to get a lip brush for it as the application tip isn't suited to rolling on. Bar that I can't fault it! 

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