Saturday, 28 July 2012

instagram #2

hangover pose waiting for the wax to cool american snacks the weather this week psycho kitty my gorgeous mama cups of tea for three my poppy top from coach polish in yellow by orly arrival of the glossy box anti social kitty enjoying the weather with mama getting the aloe vera on my sore legs addicted to these my lovely garden.

I've had such a good week this week, as i'm sure you can all tell! Good weather has always been a winner for putting a smile on my face and i've been making sure to get that face in the sun as much as possible! 

I went out last night, but was in too much of a rush to take any photos of what I wore (simple dress and heels!) I'm really gutted I didn't have any photos- or any photos from being out. I went with the girls from my sisters office and it was just such a good night. I drank far too much, I drank like I was 18 and still didn't know my limits. It was such a spontaneous night out- they are always the best! I did shots for the first time in YEARS, the best of which was a "grand slam" and tasted of pancakes!! The worst was a god awful orange flavoured one. 

I got groped (not by choice- I had to throw the Jenna Marbles face as him!!) by a welsh guy and then he preceded to throw up all over the dance floor. After we left the club I saw him outside and called him out on groping me. His friend got involved, my sister got involved... He realised we were sisters and decided he was going to "do both of the sisters". Then he goes to me, which sister am I having first then? I said the blonde one (she has a serious boyfriend and would have punched him... what i'd already been groped!). He asked me if I was sure cause "he could probably do me too!". 

I got home, my parents were awake... I made my stepdad cook for me and forced my mum into a conversation. Oops! 

So how was everyones week? It's PAYDAY weekend, did you go and celebrate too?! 



  1. The sunny weather has made the last week a good one for me too, I've spent 3 days at the beach.
    I live in Wales but I am English, There are a lot of "gropey" Welsh boys on my nights out too! A lot!!!!
    It sounds like you've had a good week :) xx

    1. Haha, must be something in the welsh air that gives them grabby hands :)
      Glad you had a good week, lovely- I wish I had gotten to the beach!!! Xo


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