Friday, 29 June 2012

Well I guess this is growing up.

From Top
Dress- Rupblic
Top- New Look, Collar Studds- Kukee
Shoes- New Look (they have a low heel!) 
Red Top-, Skirt- Topshop, Belt- Jane Norman
Gold Necklace- Primark, Top- Topshop
Leopard print top- New Look 
Purple slippers- New Look 
Lace peter pan collar top- New Look.
Okay, so the mission for today was to buy myself some nice grown up clothes for work! As i'm sure you've all noticed by now, I love fashion- So I didn't want anything too boring or dowdy (think white shirts and baggy grey trousers). 

How do you think I did? Hopefully I'll convey office glamour! 



  1. Love the song lyrics! And that last top is a beaut, definitely great for work


  2. Really love that fitted navy top (dress?) with the big necklace. Perfect for work - with a hint of fashion!

    1. thankyou! It is a top with a peplum bottom only 16 quid from topshop :) <3


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