Monday, 25 June 2012

Thanking Cosmo for Dainty Doll.

Last week I subcribed to UK Cosmopolitan magazine. Like most girls, I absolutely adore Cosmo and buy it every month. I didn't have any reason not to subcribe... in fact it's more expensive to buy it in the shops regularly! But whilst I was sat on the laptop the other day, I was reading it and an advert for a subcription with a free gift came up. Now I am a sucker for a free-bee so I signed straight up, not knowing what I would be getting. 

- Eyeshadow in 001 You Are Experienced.  
- Eyeshadow Base in 001 Frankie Girl. 
- Lipgloss in 001 So Vain. 
- Pencil Eyeliner in 004 Shake Your Tail Feather. 

All Dainty Doll By Nicola Roberts. 

I have been meaning to test out Dainty Doll for a while, as I am also a very pale girl I find that it is difficult to find shades that aren't too intense for my complexion. 

Eyeshadow and Eyeshadow Base.

Swatched Eyeshadow Base.
On left, Eyeshadow swatched on top of the eyeshadow base. On Right, Swatched straight onto skin.
The eyeshadow base is quite dry, which I wasn't expecting as my Urban Decay base is quite creamy. The eyeshadow is quite pigmented anyway and doesn't look too different on the skin with or without the base (but very different in the photo!) however the base stops the product creasing or transferring. At the moment I think I might prefer it to my Urban Decay base- it is definitely easier to use. 

I'm not the best eyeliner user, I need gel or kohl as my eyes are too sensitive for a harder liner. This isn't kohl but it still glides on fairly easily. If like me, you are a bit of a wimp to poking yourself in the eye, a good tip is to hold the tip of the pencil for about 10 seconds. It warms it up slightly and becomes easier to use! 

The lip gloss is super nourishing and smells like coconuts, yummy! I have a bit of a love for lipgloss and this one is definitely a winner. 

I'm really impressed with Dainty Doll, It is definitely high quality products- which doesn't always happen when there is a celebrity name attatched. Next I want to try their Blusher in My Girl. 

I also costed up the price of the free gift and it came to 43 pounds, which I think is incredibly generous- so thankyou very much Cosmo!! 


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  1. Aw love your blog Poppy, now following =)
    Thanks for the reviews, my sister wants to try Dainty Doll because she is super-goth-pale. I'll point her this way!


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