Thursday, 14 June 2012

summing up day.

This week has been mega busy, we have some new staff at work after my good friends Sarah and Rob both left. *sad!!*. It's been fun having some new faces around and the two new people, Jackson and Louise are alright. Although my boss isn't going to keep Louise as she just isn't quite.... Right. Next week will be another influx of new people so it's not going to ease up any time soon! Ive been job hunting like crazy, any one else having the hardest time with it at the moment?Like I know how hard the job market is... But honestly if I see one more advert with the words "candidate must have at least one years experience" I'm going to scream. How am I meant to get experience if noone is willing to give me a chance? Just a little thought for the day.

So with a constant stream of cv's and cover letters going out, trying to do three peoples job at once and keeping on top of my uni work (finally back on track!) I just have not stopped. Until today. Today I am going to chill on my sofa and not worry about work, uni or anything else. Tomorrow, I have work then my charity walk, then work on Saturday then blink 182... So if I don't sit down for a bit I might expire soon enough!!!

I'm writing this on my iPad, so I hope it turns out how I want it to... I'll be hot footing it straight over to the desk top version just to make sure haha

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