Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sorry Bank Manager.

Today I was feeling particularly sorry for myself, I'd woken up late... 3 minutes before I was due in work. I was still feeling a bit rubbish from a bad headache the day before and We had a silly buy one get one free offer on at work. When it came round to my break time, I accidently then ended up in New Look... presents make me feel better.

Studded Ballet Pumps- 15.99 
Daisy Embellished Top- 12.99
Both Bought today from New Look.

Hairband-  (Er I only bought this like a week ago, it's from New Look... no idea on the price!)

Ring- Ebay 4.99. (vintage.... apparently. It was from Ebay!) 

I LOVE THEM. I wanted some more peachy neutral clothes as I feel it compliments my hair colour nicely, and I love clashing girly styles with grunge esque studs. I've paired them with black skinnies here, but I feel they would look good with a pair of denim shorts on the beach.. Or for a night time look this top would look good with a body con skirt and heels. 

I just had to show off my forgeous owl ring as well, I like that it isn't the typical bug eyed owl that flooded the high streets last year (although I am very fond of that design!). He's a little bit different. 

And now i'm going to leave you with an (admittedly blurry) photo of me and my cat Harry, aw. 



  1. Lovely shoes, lovely garden, lovely cat!

    Just stumbled across your blog and i think it's lovely...i'm aware that i may have over used that particular adjective in this comment!


    1. Aw thankyou Laura, That's really lovely of you (see what I did there :) )

      My garden is my mums pride and joy- it does look particulary beautiful today!

      Poppy x

  2. I love your hairband! But what I'm most jealous of is your beautiful kitty-cat! How I'd love to have one, words just can't tell, but until we get to move from our current place, which for some unknown reason to me is not animal friendly I only get to love other people's cats LOL


    1. He's beautiful isn't he!! I have two, both black and one has a white bib. I absolutely dote on them, they're the most spoilt cats in the world :) x


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