Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Weekend.

This blog could do with being renamed "the girl that never stops". I seriously feel like my body is moving faster than the clock and that I'm getting stuff done in an abolute whirl wind. I feel like if I have another weekend like this one then I'm just going to have to curl up and die in the corner. Saying that, next week I have mega plans as well... There really is no rest for the wicked. 

 This weekend has been a mixture of working hard and playing hard. On friday Me and my big sis, Laura, took part in the cotswold midnight walk. Which I blogged about last month here.  

We were raising money as a friend of my sister lost her mum at christmas time and the hospice looked after her before her death. It is such a worthy charity I can not begin to even explain how important they were to the family and to so many more families in the area. 

Me and Laura managed to raise a grand total of 279.71, I am so proud of everyone who sponsored us, a MASSIVE thankyou to all of you. Even though the event has passed, it is still possible to sponsor us... If you feel in a position to do this PLEASE do Here


The walk itself was HILARIOUS. Neither of us are particulary unfit, we both go to the gym a few times a week (although after I fell off the cross trainer backwards last time i've been avoiding it). So we were like "five miles?! NO PROBLEM". There was a problem, five miles is alot further than it seems... especially when you accidently get lost and end up walking a grand total of 8 1/2 miles. Yes this actually did happen. We did it in two hours which we didn't think was too bad, but my God, I was so knackered! My hips and legs are still sore two days later. I need a massage... any takers? :p.

Yesterday I FINALLY GOT TO SEE BLINK 182!! After waiting a good 6 years, I finally had tickets to an event that they were at. I seriously didnt actually think that I would get to see them. The person going with me changed a grand total of three times untill my sister finally got given my spare ticket. I bought them 18 months ago for me and my ex, it was planned for last year but they moved their tour back a year... Then after we broke up there was no way he was going with me so I invited my best friend Jess. She was coming, but had issues (including her horse kneeing her in the head and giving her concussion!). So my Sister got roped in. I'm so glad I went with her. Not that I was glad Jess couldn't go (the opposite, I LOVE her!!) But my sister is 23. theres a Blink song called "whats my age again" with the line "nobody likes you when you're 23" in it. Getting to sing that to her made my year!

And now I am completely beat. I need to lie down and recover for about a year (or untill tomorrow when I am back in work!), I have some seriously nice chocolate though look. I think I'll go appreciate that now :) 


  1. i am SO JEALOUS that you saw Blink!
    Gahhhhhhh i so wanted to see them.
    Congratulations on raising the money, such a worthy cause.
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

    1. Thankyou lovely!
      They were so good, next time DEFINITELY go see them :) We did have standing tickets, but we were too tired from the walk the night before so a nice tout swapped them over :)
      Poppy x

  2. Blink must have been a great show!


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