Thursday, 21 June 2012

I'm dancing with myself.


Wellington Boots- 12.00. 
Metal Necklace- 4.00
Pearl Necklace- 4.00 
Leather Rucksack- 9.00. 

So this SUNDAY, me and my best friend are hot footing it over to Hackney for the Festival, I am so excited for Rihanna, Jessie J and Labrinth- I may explode before it comes around to being the day. That is provided I don't get us lost on the way into London... or in London  itself, eek. We aren't the most switched on pair of girls so i'm hoping there are some other obvious festival goers we can just slyly follow on the tube. 

It's meant to rain which meant that Wellies stopped being something fun that I probably needed to buy, to being an essential! I was lucky that these have been the pair i've been lusting over for a while... and they were the only size fives left. fate. 

I thought a rucksack would be a clever idea seeing as I will have so much to lug around all day with me, what with having the car with me. I can never get over how cheap Primark is, I go into GRABGRABGRAB mode.. which is why I ended up with two necklaces and the bag... when really I was only after wellies. I think everyone does this in Primark though! 

Wish me luck around Hackney,



  1. Love the bag! I've seen a similar one in Topshop for about £40 and i think the Primark version is actually nicer!

    Hope you enjoy the Hackney Festival - seems like everyone i know tried to get tickets and most failed. Hope the sun shines for you x

    1. I love the bag too, I couldn't believe how cheap it was!! Definitely rush down to get one before everyone else realises and buys them all haha.

      I was actually very lucky with the tickets as I only managed to blah a ticket for my best friend at the last minute! We don't mind if it rains or shines, we're sure to have a dance :)


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