Tuesday, 12 June 2012

if you go down to the woods tonight

So we all know how diverse a landscape america is, from frozen deserts to proper hot ones, deep craters to high mountains and a whole technicolour of wonderful sights. 

Maryland is a teeny tiny state just above Washington DC and a few hours below New York. It's also very beautiful and full of greenery. 

 We took our dog Roxy for a walk around some woods near centanial park on a beautiful hot muggy day. It was awe inspiring, from natural lakes and little bridges to tall trees, all set in lines. Finding this burnt out 1960s car was a true highlight, probably stolen and abandoned it has obviously been there a long time and suffered a lot of damage but it fits so beautifully into the natural scenery. 

I'm going to miss Maryland, I've spent many great summers here. In a way I am gutted my dad is moving back, yes it will be lovely to have him ten miles away not three thousand. But I feel like we spend more quality time together seeing each other every six month than we would do living around the corner. More than anything I am going to miss the beautiful country that I fell in love with. Nothing will compare to America to me. My second home. 

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