Monday, 4 June 2012

hope in a sephora sample.

I'm interupting my tales of America, because I have found the best moisturiser in the world... and you all need to go and buy it and try it and completely fall in love with it too. 

So I can't remember if I've said on here or not, but when I was in America I went a... little crazy in Sephora. For my non American readers- Sephora is a makeup shop with companies like Benefit, Urban Decay, Nars and Clinique filling its shelves. It's basically makeup heaven. The shelves are heavy with beautiful powers and shimmers all waiting for you to dip and spend some serious money. In grand total I spent $350 dollars in Sephora (equal to 235 GBP!). The first time I went in I got given a Sephora card, for every how ever many dollars you spend you get points on your card and then you can cash these points in, in exchange for luxury sized products- which seemed to change on a daily basis! 

This, Philosophy- Hope in a Jar, was one of these luxury samples and was the best kind of free thing i've ever recieved in my life. I did a little research on it and it was invented for the use of cosmetical surgeries, in order for the skin to recover quickly. I was a little concerned to read this- Would I need something so heavy duty when I am not recovering from a face lift or similar. The simple answer is yes, yes I do. And so do you. It isn't heavy or oily it simply melts into the skin and leaves it bright, refined and soft as a babies rear end. You don't need much, it really does spread well into your skin and doesn't leave the horrible clogged up feeling that you sometimes get! 

I have the driest skin on my cheeks, it is painful at times and my makeup often sinks into it but since I've been using this product (only about 3 weeks) it's completely evened out and doesn't feel remotely dry. 

Just... Thankyou Philosophy, you are every thing I have ever wanted from a moisturiser. It is quite expensive to buy here (about 36 quid) whereas in the states into only like $30... So I think I may ask my Step Mum to bring me a jar over when they move home next month! Hopefully my little sample will last untill then, because I never want to be a day without it. 

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