Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hackney Festival!

So last weekend was Hackney Weekend, It was another event that needed to be reorganised in terms of my life. I had a ticket and I had a ticket for someone else, but due to circumstances I needed an alternative friend. So I sent a series of (quite frankly, hilarious) emails to Chris from Radio One (HI CHRIS!!), being the absolute don of the world.. He sent me an extra ticket for my Best friend in the whole world, Kate. 

So on Sunday morning we donned our wellies and rain macs, piled into my tiny seat arosa with 14 packets of crisps, 4L of lucozade and a packet of twirl bites. And so began our adventure. We got all the way to London without any drama, But as soon as we hit the capital city... The drama began. If two girls one cup makes a great porno... two girls one sat nav would make an equally good horror film! We ended up driving THROUGH the centre of London, downn oxford street and past hyde park and stopping every ten seconds for traffic lights. It was a nightmare, at one set I was showing Kate how I can rearrange my boobs to make them look bigger... We looked over and a whole series of cab drivers were watching and grinning...cringe! We EVENTUALLY got to the tube station, a good hour after we were due to. 

Once we got to the tube station we had no idea where we were going and ended up having to chat up the station manager to direct us in the right way. We then had a tube change to deal with, which we managed with no hassle and by that point we managed to get ourselves in an obvious crowd of festival goers (wellies, raincoats and hipster clothes essential!). And we safely arrived at the hackney marshes! 

I'll quickly review all the artists we saw, or i literally will be here all day fawning over Jessie Js brilliant stripey trousers. 

Labrinth- 4/5. I thought he was brilliant, full of energy and happy to play to his home town. Earthquake stayed stuck in my head all day- definitely the hackney anthem. 
Professor Green- 3/5. Prof G was alright, but by the end of the day I couldnt remember much of his set!
Plan B- 0/5. Majorly dissapointed, he was grumpy and didn't talk to the crowd. He seemed to be on and of very quickly as well!
Jessie J- 5/5. What can I say about my girl Jessie? She is brilliant. Her stage presence is brilliant, Her Trousers are brilliant and she can do things with her voice that make me want to do all kinds of things to her, all of them good.
Tinie Tempah- 4/5. He would have got five, but he had alot to live up to. However I did enjoy having a good rap along to Pass Out and getting low and staying low. 
Taio Cruz- 5/5. He was brilliant and I was gutted that we missed the first ten minutes of his set. 
Florence and The Machine- 3/5. The ginger queen did good!
Dizzie Rascal- 0/5. What a dissapointing special guest. The whole crowd were expecting Coldplay!
David Guetta- 4/5. What an absolute legend. Mr Guetta, I salute you. You do things to songs that make all other songs look pathetic. 
Rihanna- 5/5. I LOVE RIRI. She is my absolute favourite girl. I just want to back her into a pie and eat her with custard. She is amazing, such a role model for... well girls who want to be strippers. She bought out Jay Z for three songs and I almost cried with happiness, they were amazing. Just so amazing.

It literally was the best day, we ran from band to band... consulting our programmes and ensuring we were where we wanted to be all day. We booty danced and crazy danced and jump around danced to some of the greatest artists and just laughed all day!! It rained so hard that it created a swamp, then the sun came out and I got burnt. We ate typical stodgy festival food... but we both avoided the alcohol! What a great free day out in London!

The journey home was a nightmare!! We got back to the car.... and it had broken down. Amazing. So we had to sit around for hours to wait for the AA man to come and we didn't get back untill 3am!

Did anyone else go? What did you think?  

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