Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The base of my face.

Firstly, Apologies for the fact that this is going to be a mammoth review post. 

When I was in America last month, I went a bit... lets say "cray cray" for buying makeup. Infact I spent like $350 on the stuff. Obviously it was a worthy investment because it's alot more expensive here, and it'll last a while and you know... you have to invest in your face. *tries to justify this to myself*. 

That is my makeup drawer as of two days ago. Isn't it beautiful! I did have it all lined up on my counter, but it was getting a bit rediculous and I didn't have space to do anything there, bar look at my makeup. After a few avalances and a few too many occasions where my makeup had "magically" walked away and ended up in my mums room. I decided it was time to hide away the goods and create my Aladdins cave.... in a drawer. A beautiful friend of mine made me work out the value of everything in there... it came out at 634 pounds. Eep. 

 Philosophy- Hope In a Jar. Benefit- Watts Up. Urban Decay- All Nighter Spray. Benefit- That Gal. Illamasqua- Skin Base Shade 8. Bare Minerals- Prime Time Brightening. Real Techniques- Stippling Brush. Benefit- Dandelion. Benefit- Erase Paste. Nars- Bronze/Blush Duo in Laguna/Orgasm. Benefit- Concealer Brush. 

That pretty much is the base of my face. 99% of days I have all of those on my face.. which looks a bit excessive to me, but I think that I just get a little carried away with it all. (Saying this, I try really hard to make my makeup look natural). 

Some of those products are old faithfuls (Dandelion, Erase Paste, That Gal and Illamasqua foundation) and the brushes I've had a while too. (Seriously- The real techniques brush is the absolute don of brushes. Go buy!). 

So these are my faces new friends. 

The Urban Decay all nighter spray I don't really have alot to say on. I picked it up at the last minute in sephora, as I was queueing up to pay. It's the first setting spray i've ever bought and well... it does the job. Makeup stays in place. Personally I still prefer to just use a power to set my makeup, but I guess this is a little more heavy duty... I dunno. It is what it is. 

 I apologise for how messy I have let this duo become already! It's just so damn good that I use it every single day and seeing as my makeup applying is usually a ten minute panic to get as much crap on my face as possible... keeping things beautiful falls in the ditch. 

But oh my god, it is so effing good. My friends little sister has this, and when I was at theirs I helped her get ready for prom (She looked so cute!). So I got to raid her makeup collection... and had to stop myself running off with this bad boy. Instead I acted like a responsible adult and raced down to Sephora to get it. I have rubbish pale skin so bronzer sometimes sits too heavy on my skin and makes me look like a tangerine. The Laguna just gives a nice subtle glow which I go crazy with and JUST WACK IT EVERYWHERE!! It also lends itself to contouring nicely as it can be built up easily. The Orgasm Blush literally makes me want to jizz everywhere.. .every time I use it. It literally is like a post sex flush, It makes you look dewy and just incredible! *runs off to put more orgasm on*. Ahem... So yes, this is essential. Buy it. 

 I think this photo speaks for itself. Watts Up created a lovely, shimmery flush of light which just warms up your complexion. I have a bit of an obsession with Benefits highlighters (Owning Watts Up, High Beam, Girl Meets Pearl and Moon Beam). But this one is my favourite, It sets like a powder and works really well with the laguna bronzer. 

I have a love hate relationship with Prime Time. Firstly, I wasn't even in search of this product... I really wanted the Urban Decay Primer but they were out of stock and the girl in Sephora convinced me that this was a good alternative. And it is! It keeps my makeup even and well... What else do you really want from a primer. Well I know what else I want. I want a bottle that doesn't EXPLODE primer everwhere. (After getting this photo, I had to wipe down my camera as it had managed to spray all over it.) And I would like something that isn't quite so glittery.. I know it's brightening, which means glittery... But this is a bit excessive. Saying that... It does it's job, It just wouldn't be top of my list for a re buy. 

I doubt you've picked up anything informative from this blog, except that I have more money than sense... 

And now I am off to sit by the phone and wait for news from a job, keep your fingers crossed! 



  1. No way! I didn't know they did the Laguna/Orgasm duo! I recently bought the full size of each on a shopping trip. I've still yet to use them to the best of their potential yet (just to work for the past two days haha) but I'm loving them already! :) You don;t have to justify yourself, I think secretly every bloggers makeup drawer looks liek that haha :) x

    1. Oh, I bet that cost you more money to buy them seperately as well! They are so good though aren't they, such lovely colours! definitely take the time to make the most of them- I promise you'll fall head over heels with them too haha.
      Oh yes, I have definitely gotten worse since I have started blogging, too many nice things to try :) x

  2. Your collection is amazing. I guess make up is a justified investment, your going to be more likely to wear a product everyday than to say wear a jacket of equal price everyday.

    1. Thankyou lovely!! They are literally the wisest words ever, I shall keep repeating them to myself next time I go on a makeup spree :)

  3. Compared to some of my friends I have loads of makeup but I just wish I had as much as you. Your collection is to die for!!! and I hate it when your stuff just "happens" to wander somewhere else!!!! xxxxx


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