Thursday, 10 May 2012


I've had a pandora bracelet for almost a year now, it's my favourite piece of jewlery as it is something that you can really make your own, with the large range of kirky charms that they have to offer.

Today I felt like I actually needed a treat, something that would stand the test of time and something to mark this stage in my life. 

Look how pretty the charms I chose are! The red glass bead with daisies on was 30 pounds and the star charm only 20!! 

Firstly, I decided I needed some colour on my bracelet. As I already have a poppy charm on there (a favourite birthday present from my wonderful Daddy) I decided to stick with the red theme. As this one also has flowers on, which I am obsessed with... I was sold. 

Secondly, what really caught my attention about the star charm is the cut out holes and this unusual feature made it stand out. My sister has always been obsessed with stars as well, this reminded me of her so I bought it :) 

Thankyou mr credit card for allowing me to spend such a silly amount on two beads... I look forward to using you for the same purpose in America, where I am hoping that they have some big apple related beauties. 

Do any of my wonderful followers have a pandora (or similar!!!), what are yourfavourite beads? 

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