Wednesday, 30 May 2012

America pt 2- slumming it in the rain.

Okay so you have had the highlights of the night life of the city that never sleeps, as it was seen by two 21 year old drunk females... Now let me take you around the highlights from the day time. Hangovers excluded that is. (Although I have to say, heading to the subway at 9am after a really heavy night is a puke attack waiting to happen). 

Chelsea Market

We were so unfortunate with the weather, it literally PISSED it down untill our last afternoon when it suddenly went beautiful... an hour before we were due to get on our megabus back to Baltimore. For the English reading this, American rain is NOT like our rain. It is worse. It is like a sheet of water coming from the sky. So we donned our waterproofs, our thickest leggings, our umbrellas and with much determination... headed into the city anyway. I was pretty impressed that my converse were actually surprisingly waterproof, if not I think I would have been heading straight back to the hotel to sulk and watch MTV whilst eating double stuffed oreos and sour patch kids. 

So once we had estalished that, yes my shoes were fine and no, Lucys were leaking water. Once we had thanked the people at Fodder publishing for laminating the map and a few "Oh... Fuck!!"s at the rain from me we made it to the er... Green? line downtown to the world trade center site. (Yes we did stop for me to throw up, no it wasn't classy... But as it was NY there was a trusty starbucks on the next corner for some tummy settling cawfee).

The 9/11 site still takes the air out of my lungs and makes my heart beat slower. It has this air of trauma around it... I still haven't managed to work out if that is my own knowledge of what happened there, or just the sheer level of devastation that happened there.. Like the space will never shake off the pain. It was my third time visiting the site, some do think it's a little morbid to go there... to those people, please go there. Please pay your respects. This was the first time that I visited that there was something other than a building site to focus my thoughts on and I was majorly impressed with the memorial pools. It is basically two large square fountains going down into a pool. Each pool stands on the site of each tower. Around the edge of each pool, or a ledge before the drop, all the names of the dead are engraved. This is a nice touch in my opinion... it shows how the world will never forget the brave men and women who faced the untold horrors of that day. The only surviving tree from the original site of the towers is still there, nursed back into health...  This made me cry, simply as it shows that hope will always rise from the ashes. the 9/11 memorial site has made my cry on every visit, it isn't weird or morbid- It respectful. 

After this emotional visit in the rain we did the only thing that any self respecting tourist in New York should do... We visited Chelsea Market. (But not after Lucy had managed to stop a very attractive cop to ask directions to the subway... then poked him in the eye with her umbrella). MEATPACKING DISTRICT IS SO COOL! Seriously. Go. NOW. We walked around for like half an hour just taking in the smells of all the different cafes and delicatessens, fawned over pretty cupcakes and macaroons and eventually ended up in a little vintage boutique store, filled with lots of individual stalls. It was so cool! I picked up a cameo ring for $45 (picture above!!) it is so beautiful. 

Look how cute these cupcakes from chelsea market are!

We then went to a proper American diner, the type you see in films and in old tv programmes. I had blueberry pancakes with strawberries on top and Lucy ate grilled cheese (er.... like a cheese toastie but with tomato soup... I have no idea why) She only had this as she was still feeling rough from our super sized bottle of wine... I was feeling awesome after I emptied my stomach into a gutter on the corner of 52nd and Lex. I would happily eat there every day for the rest of my life, it was amazing food and such a great little cafe! 

By this point our hair was getting frizzy, our leggings were weighing us down and even the laminated map was starting to feel the effects of being under enough water to fill the hudson river... So we headed back to our hotel and we watched MTV... and ate double stuffed oreos... 

The best blueberry pancakes in the world.

Next time- New york on a slightly sunnier (BUT NOT SUNNY) day 


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